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March Natter & Noggin
Thursday 19th March

Peking to Paris In June and July last year, club member Julian Riley took part in one the greatest motoring adventures: the Peking-to-Paris car rally for Vintage and Classic cars, co-driving for Jamie Turner in their Morris Minor.

For the March Natter & Noggin, Julian will give an illustrated talk on his experiences on this marathon event.
12 Car

Friday 28th February 2020

Tarmac PCA

Sunday 15th March 2020

GMC 12 Car Snetterton Tarmac PCA
Midsummer Vintage, Classic & Sports Car Run
Sunday 21st June

Midsummer Vintage, Classic & Sports Car Run Entries are now open for the

2020 Midsummer Vintage,
Classic & Sports Car Run
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Date Event
28th February

12 Car

15th March


27th March

12 Car

14th June


21st June

Midsummer Vintage, Classic & Sports Car Run

Date Event
22nd March

Wattisfield Car Trial
West Suffolk Motorsport Club
ETC19/20 Round 8

29th March

Javalin's Jumbo Targa Rally
Chelmsford Motor Club
TRC20 Round 1

5th April

Bullseye Navigational Scatter
West Suffolk Motorsport Club

19th April

Ivinghoe Aston Car Trial
Falcon Motor Club
ETC19/20 Round 9

2020 Event Champ. Contact(s)
Thu 16th Jan Clubnight
Illustrated Talk
  Peter Riddle
Fri 31st Jan 12 Car 12 Car Howard Joynt
& Gordon Shipley
Thu 20th Feb Clubnight    
Fri 28th Feb 12 Car 12 Car Garth & Michael
Sun 15th Mar PCA Clubmans Howard Joynt
Thu 19th Mar Clubnight
Illustrated Talk
  Julian Riley
Fri 27th Mar 12 Car 12 Car Jonathan Stimpson
& Rob Kitchen
Thu 16th Apr Clubnight    
Wed 20th May AGM   David Leckie
Thu 18th Jun Clubnight    
Sun 14th Jun Scatter Clubmans Steve & Fiona
Sun 21st Jun Midsummer Vintage, Classic & Sports Car Run   Martin & Christine
Thu 16th Jul Clubnight    
Thu 20th Aug Clubnight    
Thu 17th Sep Clubnight    
Sun 27th Sep SOLO Clubmans David Leckie
Thu 15th Oct Clubnight    
Fri 30th Oct 12 Car 12 Car  
Sun 15th Nov Trial Clubmans David Leckie
Thu 19th Nov Clubnight    
Fri 27th Nov 12 Car 12 Car  
Thu 17th Dec Clubnight