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Charity Night Charity Event
Caistor Hall Hotel
Saturday 12th November 2016

Enjoy a charity night evening of entertainment at Caistor Hall Hotel with classical soprano and musical theatre singer Hayley Moss, better known as “Street Soprano”.

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P & H Novice
12 Car

Friday 21st October 2016

Lyng Garage

Sunday 13th November 2016

P & H Novice 12 Car Lyng Garage Car Trial
Date Event
21st October

12 Car

13th November

Cadder's Hill, Lyng

25th November

12 Car

Date Event
25th September

Wethersfield AutoSOLO
Eastern Counties Motor Club
AAC16 Round 5

2nd October

Lamarsh Trial
Eastern Counties Motor Club
ETC16/17 Round 1

23rd October

Debden AutoSOLO
West Suffolk Motorsport Club
AAC16 Round 6

6th November

Wethersfield Targa
Chelmsford Motor Club
TRC16 Round 6

2016 Event Champ. Contact(s)
Fri 15th Jan 12 Car 12 Car Gordon & George
Thu 21st Jan Clubnight    
Fri 5th Feb 12 Car 12 Car Bernie Fox &
Howard Joynt
Thu 18th Feb Clubnight    
Fri 26th Feb 12 Car 12 Car Mark & Lorraine
Thu 17th Mar Clubnight    
Fri 18th Mar 12 Car 12 Car Jonathan Stimpson
Sun 3rd Apr AutoSOLO   Martin Newson
Thu 21st Apr Clubnight    
Wed 18th May AGM   David Leckie
Thu 16th Jun Clubnight    
Sun 19th Jun Midsummer Vintage
& Classic Car Run
  Martin & Christine
Thu 21st Jul Clubnight    
Thu 18th Aug Clubnight    
Thu 15th Sep Clubnight    
Thu 20th Oct Clubnight    
Fri 21st Oct 12 Car 12 Car David Leckie
Sat 12th Nov Awards Presentation   Pat Ward
Sun 13th Nov Trial   David Leckie
Thu 17th Nov Clubnight    
Fri 25th Nov 12 Car 12 Car David Mann &
Robert Aldous
Thu 15th Dec Clubnight